More Funny = More Money!

Over the past 3 decades, Steve Gamlin’s career has involved LAUGHTER!
7 years

in stand up comedy


10 years

on Rock Morning Radio Shows


14 years
as a nationwide radio comedy writer and producer
18 years (so far)
as a keynote speaker, blending positivity and humor
And for more than a decade, Steve has been helping speakers (just like you) develop and flex their humor muscles!

Why? Because laughter enhances learning, loyalty and…oh dang, I need another ‘L’ word!

Do you want to bring more humor (and all its benefits) to your presentations and practice?

Relax, you do NOT need to become a stand-up comedian (very common misconception, phew!) to do so.

Connect with Steve and invite him to help bring out your ‘natural’ funny, making you more memorable in the eyes, ears and minds of your clients and audiences.

how did steve get here?

He won both local and International Humorously Speaking (and Improvisational) Awards during his days as a Toastmaster and also took first place for a Feature Comedy Production (a parody called ‘Manger 6’) from Radio & Production Magazine, winning among ALL radio stations in America, Canada, Mexico and the UK!

In addition, Steve was one of the most in-demand comedy-bit and song-parody writers for the Hazardous Comedy Network for more than a decade, with his work being heard on up to 100 radio stations across the country.

And now…he is here to help you find your funny.

Let’s Discuss How We Can Enhance Your Humor!

Here’s What Steve’s Clients Are Saying: