Welcome to the Motivational Firewood® Podcast!

What are YOU listening to? Does it inspire you? Entertain you? Give you hope?

Welcome to the Motivational Firewood® Podcast!

Join Steve as he fires up the recording studio to share his unique blend of Motivation, Positivity, Visualization strategies and more.

Each week, Steve shares tips, tactics and the lessons that life has taught him (personally and professionally) to rise from the ashes of a self-induced ‘crash and burn’ two decades ago, to the success he enjoys today.

Every episode is an open, honest, authentic dive into the journey that Steve has taken to continue creating success in his own life, and in the lives of his speaking and coaching clients.

P.S. And as a BONUS: he’ll get you laughing while you learn!

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How to Get What You Really Want

In this conversation with show host Raven M. Harris, Steve shares his journey from ‘blowing up his life’ to creating the best version of himself...then learned the art and science of Visualization, learning many lessons along the way. Click on above graphic to listen!


At the CSure with Steve Gamlin

Steve dives in deep with host Davey E. Williams, talking about how every potential pitfall led to growth...eventually. And, unlike the typical ‘Hollywood’ versions, Steve discusses how ‘his phoenix’ rides a pogo stick. Click on above graphic to enjoy!


A Little Less Fear with Dr. Lino Martinez

Like two old friends sitting on a front porch, Steve and host Dr. Lino touch on everything from bouncing back in life, designing (and creating) our best selves...and even guardian angels who show up to get us on the right track. There are some mind-blowing revelations in this one!