OH YEAH (Another Quote Book)!

Ever find yourself in need of a quick spark, a pick-me-up, a bit of motivation? One which, coupled with a call-to-action, can get your day moving in a more positive direction?

This book resulted from Steve gathering (and authoring) a collection of 52 positive messages which inspire him. Each is paired with an explanation (Motivational Firewood®) and a challenge to take action.

It also contains Success Journal pages on which you can track your progress and results.

BONUS: This collection marks the in-print debut of Steve’s fuzzy-faced canine co-author Super Teddy, with THREE ORIGINAL QUOTES of his own.

Invest in copies for yourself, and people whom you care about!

20 to Life (In a Good Way)

Have you ever noticed how a pebble can change the direction of a stream?
Imagine what 20 of them could you in your life.

As a speaker, Steve Gamlin is know as the Motivational Firewood® Guy.
What does this mean?

Picture this: If you are here, chances are you have a spark in your heart representing a goal, hope, dream or desired outcome in your life.

Steve’s mission is to share ideas, tips, tactics and strategies to inspire you to do just that. Take action on the lessons he shares, adding them to your spark…and create fire.

This book contains 20 quotes which have inspired Steve, each including a call-to-action, plus Success Journal pages where you can put pen to paper and track your successes, momentum shifts and growing confidence.

As the first of Steve’s personal development books, this is where it all began for him.

We hope it proves to be a valuable tool for you as well, wherever you may find yourself on the road of life.

Bust Out of Your Crate (Super Teddy’s Top 20 Tips for People to be as Happy as Dogs)!

What happens when you let your fuzzy-faced buddy be part of one of your books? And people love his PAWSitive messages so much? Right…he gets his own book.

Super Teddy put his paws to paper, coming up with 20 ways for people to be as happy as dogs.

Simple, yes, but, are YOU doing them in YOUR life?

UPDATE: This book is currently SOLD OUT and is in the process of being re-released.

Stay tuned!